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Settings App

This app allows you to set the page colors for template apps.

Choose your own colors for this page. Any app that will use this new template will set your preferences.

Welcome to the site.

Site Home Page.

This is our latest Site Template.
Current focus: All our apps from here on will use a standard site page called a template.
Using any browser's local storage option, we can store data on your device. Your data is only on that device and in that browser.
Now you control your data and no one else. We will work on moving that data to other devices later on.

Hope you like our new apps that will be transferring over to this new template.
Always looking for feedback. These apps should run on any device. If you find an app that doesn't work for you,
let us know at:
That 1980 PC? Yeah, only basic HTML, CSS and Javascript is used.

This Site is always changing. Please feel free to check out the site's projects at: Site Links.

Our Site App example is below.
You can set the colors for any part of the page and those settings could carry across to any app from our site.

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